Care ZoneĀ 


The Care Zone to me is actually magical, it’s a whole new, different way of working. It’s that bottom up approach that represents every local resident.”

Jo Murphy

Lighthouse charity

Cecilia was born in 1949 and has had a close association with the Sacret Heart Parish all her life most notably serving as principal of St Gemma's High School.
Cecilia McCloskey
Sacret Heart Resident
Mickey was born in 1984, grew up in the Marrowbone .. Mickey started the charity TAMHI, a charity focusing on mental health awareness.
Mickey Meehan
TAMHI Charity

It’s time to fight back and get the equality that surrounding areas have. It’s time to let the people know we’re onĀ their side and we have their backs.

Mickey Meehan

Marrowbone Resident

Tami is a local resident and young mother. Tami is a trainee youth work worker with the Yeha project.

Tami Russel
YEHA Project
Local business man John Kelly has been hugely supportive of local charities and events.
John Kelly

Everyone in the Care Zone is terribly important. We want to bring positive change and change peoples mind sets.”

Cecilia McCloskey

Brookvale Avenue Resident

Margaret grew up on North Queen Street and is involved in the Old Park Credit Union. Margaret has been a Care Zone resident almost all of her life.
Margaret McAlister
Joanmount Gardens

Local Resident Rachel, is a current trainee youth worker with both YEHA and Cliftonville community center.

Rachel Pierce